​Why Do So Many People Support Susan?

Susan Works With Parents and Residents of South Jordan, West Jordan & Riverton to Provide Change


"Working with Susan Pulsipher to help pass anti-pornography legislation this last year has been an incredible opportunity. She is so responsive, and always calls or emails you back quickly. She is a great advocate for children and families. Susan is passionate about her work in the Legislature and really strives to serve and represent her constituents."

Melissa McKay, South Jordan Resident

Susan is leading the charge on School Safety. She is working with constituents and local leaders on enhanced school safety, domestic violence, mental health, and suicide prevention.



Susan Votes to Spend Tax Dollars Wisely


Susan focused on making wise use of existing money and facilities as a School Board member.


  • Voted to refinance existing general obligation bonds saving the taxpayer $4.63 million in interest costs.
  • Voted against the purchase of the Jordan Landing administration building. Tax dollars should be spent on seats for students before offices for administrators.
  • Voted to reallocate resources that provided money to build two elementary schools without raising taxes.

  • Participated in a committee that found ways to reduce school construction costs by 17%.

Touring a new school.

Susan Works With the Community



Susan worked with the Mayors of the cities she represents to insure that legislation passes that respects local control and the uniqueness of the cities in the Southwest part of Salt Lake County.


Susan sponsored and supported legislation that will benefit the cities she represents.

"Susan is a Statesman, not a politician." 

District 50 Delegate




Susan Advocates for Better Transportation Infrastructure


 Susan worked with her community to advocate for tranportation infrastructure that met the needs of the neighborhood. The community had many safety concerns which were addressed with design changes.  Good transportation systems are vital to our economy and quality of life. .

Susan Protects Community Values


Susan will create laws protect our children from influences that are not consistent with the values of parents in our community. She sponsored several bills limiting the harmful effects of pornography.

Susan's work on the Judiciary Committee brought about positive changes for families and communities.

"As Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Standing Committee, I'm grateful for committee member Rep. Susan Pulsipher who serves with me in hearing and testing the many challenging issues that come before us. I have been impressed by her ability to analyze complex legal issues and by her approach in our committee hearings, which is always thoughtful and well-reasoned. Susan makes a significant contribution to our committee and to the legislative process in the House."

Rep. Lowry Snow



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