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​Why Do So Many People Support Susan?

Susan is an Effective Legislator

Representative Pulsipher is a strong fiscal conservative, and has consistently supported lowering the tax burden on Utahns. She is both effective and well-respected by her colleagues, and spends countless hours responding to and helping her constituents. She is someone we definitely need to have back in the House.

Derek Brown

Former Utah State Republican Party Chair

Former member of the Utah House of Representatives

Susan is Fiscally Conservative and Works With the Community To Find Wise Solutions


"I had the privilege of serving with Susan on the Jordan School Board of Education. During our time of service together I came to respect Susan's ability to identify issues, bring together different stakeholders, and seek for innovative solutions. Susan worked hard to ensure that taxpayer dollars were being spent wisely and efficiently within the Jordan School District. As a CPA I quickly appreciated the fact that Susan was able to understand the complexities of a $500 million annual budget and utilize that budget to ensure a high-quality education to students. Under Susan's leadership the Board implemented the largest one time increase to teacher salaries and secured the funding to build desperately needed schools in the District. All of this was done while minimizing the financial impact on taxpayers. Utah could use many more representatives like Susan Pulsipher in the House.

Matthew G. Young, CPA

Board Member Jordan School District Board of Education

Susan Votes to Spend Tax Dollars Wisely


Susan focused on making wise use of existing money and facilities as a School Board member.


  • Voted to refinance existing general obligation bonds saving the taxpayer $4.63 million in interest costs.
  • Voted against the purchase of the Jordan Landing administration building. Tax dollars should be spent on seats for students before offices for administrators.
  • Voted to reallocate resources that provided money to build two elementary schools without raising taxes.

  • Participated in a committee that found ways to reduce school construction costs by 17%.

Touring a new school.

 “I had the pleasure of getting to know Susan while she served as President of the Jordan School District Board of Education, where we had several opportunities to work together in supporting the needs of our kids. I have been pleased with how Susan continues to support our states educators, parents and students in the Utah House of Representatives. I love that Susan is a fiscally responsible legislator and has worked to reduce costs both in Jordan School District and in the State. She has always been open to hearing input from our community and will regularly send out informative and helpful updates. I am happy to support  Susan!" 


Mike Haynes, Utah State Board of Education   

Susan Works With the Community



Susan worked with the Mayors of the cities she represents to insure that legislation passes that respects local control and the uniqueness of the cities in the Southwest part of Salt Lake County.


Susan sponsored and supported legislation that will benefit the cities she represents.

"Susan is a Statesman, not a politician." 

District 50 Delegate

“I have had the privilege of working closely with Susan for the past several years.  She is highly engaged with the community and understands the needs of her constituents.  She has worked diligently to help the students and teachers in the State of Utah.  She has also worked hard to improve transportation in and around South Jordan.  Susan has been a great advocate for the leadership of South Jordan.  She has worked to help us maintain local authority on many issues, but most especially keeping local elected officials in control of land use decisions in the City.  Thanks Susan!  Let’s keep her in office.” Don Shelton, South Jordan City Council

Susan Is an Effective Legislator


 “Rep. Pulsipher is a breath of fresh air in the Legislature.” Marilyn Richards

“I’m grateful for committee member Rep. Susan Pulsipher who serves with me in hearing and testing the many challenging issues that come before us. I have been impressed by her ability to analyze complex legal issues and by her approach in our committee hearings, which is always thoughtful and well-reasoned. Susan makes a significant contribution to our committee and to the legislative process in the House.” - Rep. Lowry Snow, Vice Chair of Judiciary Committee

Susan Protects Community Values


Susan will create laws protect our children from influences that are not consistent with the values of parents in our community. She sponsored several bills limiting the harmful effects of pornography. In addition, Susan sponsored legislation to protect property rights of our citizens.



“When our property was being threatened and we needed new legislation to protect it, I reached out to Rep. Pulsipher and asked to talk with her about our concerns.  I had never been part of creating legislation.  Rep. Pulsipher made herself available, listened attentively to my concerns, offered suggestions and solutions, and then walked with me step by step as we went from beginning to end in the process.  Rep. Pulsipher didn't just support me, she took the lead and showed me the way. The fact is that no one is perfect - including elected officials.  And, of course, no one can make everyone happy.  To me, the key to a great elected official is someone with pure motives, who makes thoughtful decisions, is humble enough to admit when mistakes have been made, and always communicates with honesty and transparency so that constituents who want to be informed, can be. I am as ordinary a citizen as someone can possibly be.  I don't have a career.  I'm not wealthy.  I'm not powerful.  There is nothing Rep. Pulsipher had to gain by working so diligently to help me.  The fact that she did it anyway proves that she is exactly what I'm looking for in an elected official to represent me. I am thrilled that she has chosen to run again!  I happily support her and heartily recommend her for your vote as well! “ Paige Norton

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