Susan has worked for you in the Legislature

Here is a summary of my work in the Legislature which represents a wide spectrum of issues.


House Judiciary Committee                                         House Political Subdivisions Committee

Interim Judiciary Committee                                         Interim Political Subdivisions committee                              

Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee          Transportation and Tax Review Task Force

Opiod Task Force                                                         Utah Board of Juvenile Justice


“As Vice-chair of the House Judiciary Standing Committee, I’m grateful for committee member Representative Susan Pulsipher who serves with me in hearing and testing the many challenging issues that come before us.  I have been impressed by her ability to analyze complex legal issues and by her approach in our committee hearings, which is always thoughtful and well-reasoned.  Susan makes a significant contribution to our committee and to the legislative process in the House.”   Rep. Lowry Snow, Vice Chair of Judiciary Committee

These are bills I sponsored, co-sponsored, or worked on special committees to create. These bills passed both the House and the Senate: 


HB170 – Licensing Fee Waivers

This bill provides fee waivers for professional or occupational licensing applicants who are either full-time active duty military or currently receiving state assistance through one of two state programs. This will allow low income individuals to get jobs and provide for their families and off of state assistance.


HB227 – Minimum School Program Reporting Modifications

This bill eliminates a report that is redundant and time consuming saving taxpayer dollars.


HB286 – Reproductive Education Amendments

This bill modifies instruction in health to include instruction in refusal skills and the harmful effects of pornography. I worked with a constituent and the bill sponsor on this bill.


“Working with Susan Pulsipher to help pass anti-pornography legislation this last year has been an incredible opportunity.  She is so responsive, and always calls or emails you back quickly.  She is a great advocate for children and families.  Susan is passionate about her work in the Legislature and really strives to serve and represent her constituents.”

Melissa McKay

South Jordan Resident


SB111 – Community Reinvestment Agency Changes

This bill permits communities to treat solid, hazardous waste sites as blight areas and allow for proper action.


This bill will benefit South Jordan City.


SB124S1 – Budget Deadline Amendments

This bill amends the deadline by which a taxing entity is required to adopt certain budgets.


SB194 – Early Literacy Program

This bill raises the bar for K-3 reading scores. It allows for more flexibility and local governance for schools to develop their own unique plans and approve the plans in an open Board meeting.


HB317 – Special Education Amendments

Prior to this bill special education students who turn 22 before Dec. 31 stopped going to school on Dec. 31. This bill allows all special education students to continue to the end of the school year.


SB27 – Relationship Violence and Offenses Amendments

This bill modifies provisions related to domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.


HB100S1 – Medically Complex Children with Disabilities Waiver Program

This bill requires the Department of Health to establish an ongoing medical program for children with disabilities and complex medical conditions.


HB408 – Public Education Amendments

 There are many innovative and effective programs created by talented teachers and principals. This bill creates a mechanism for teachers, schools, districts, and school community councils to share these proven good programs with other schools in Utah.


SB28 – Local Government and Limited Purpose Entity Registry

This bill provides for the creation of a registry of local government and limited purpose entities.


SB124 - Child Care Licensing Amendments

            This bill requires child care facilities to meet existing criminal background check requirements.


SB82 - Library Technology Use Amendments

This bill requires public libraries to provide filters on their wireless networks. This will protect children from pornography while using their own devices on the public wireless networks.


HB119S01 – School Board Midterm Replacement Process

This bill allows a local School Board to begin the process of replacing a school board member after a resignation letter is submitted with an effective date.


H.C.R. 18 - Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utahns to Consider the Smog Rating When Purchasing a Vehicle

This resolution: recognizes how vehicle emissions impact Utah's air quality; acknowledges the air quality benefits of purchasing a vehicle with a smog rating of eight or higher; and encourages citizens of the state to: consider a vehicle's smog rating and purchase a vehicle with a smog rating of eight or higher.


HB161 – Pedestrian Safety Amendments

This bill prohibits the transfer of money or property between a pedestrian and an occupant of a motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is within certain roadways.



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