Susan has worked for you in the Legislature

Legislative Committees:

House Judiciary Committee                                         House Political Subdivisions Committee

Interim Judiciary Committee                                         Interim Political Subdivisions committee

Education Committee - Vice Chair                                Interim Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee        

Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee          Transportation and Tax Review Task Force

“As Vice-chair of the House Judiciary Standing Committee, I’m grateful for committee member Representative Susan Pulsipher who serves with me in hearing and testing the many challenging issues that come before us.  I have been impressed by her ability to analyze complex legal issues and by her approach in our committee hearings, which is always thoughtful and well-reasoned.  Susan makes a significant contribution to our committee and to the legislative process in the House.”   Rep. Lowry Snow, Vice Chair of Judiciary Committee

Community Boards and Committees

Opioid Task Force                                                         Utah Board of Juvenile Justice

Resilient Utah Advisory Board                                       Uplift Utah Advisory Board

Golden Gate Movement Board of Directors

These are bills I sponsored or co-sponsored

B58 3rdSub – Electronic Cigarettes In Schools Amendments– This bill passed both the House and Senate on the final day of the session. This important piece of legislation helps the growing epidemic of vaping among young people. It establishes clearer, consistent policies for vaping on school property and allows LEAs to adopt policies for confiscating and destroying E-cigarettes and vaping products.  It adds information about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes and vaping to the health curriculum and it provides resources for schools to create a positive behaviors program to address the causes of student use of tobacco, alcohol, electronic cigarette products, and other controlled substances through promoting positive behaviors such as: pro-social interventions, opportunities to help students feel included and increase connectiveness. 

HB0146 - Concurrent Enrollment Amendments - Currently students can choose to earn college credit by taking concurrent enrollment classes in the 11th and 12th grades. This bill allows 9th and 10th grade students to take concurrent enrollment classes for college credit.    

HB0198 Eminent Domain Limitations - This bill defines "century farm" as a farm owned or held by the same family for a continuous period of 100 years or more. The bill prohibits eminent domain to be used for the purpose of establishing a public park on certain century farm property for parks and recreational uses in a county of the First Class (Salt Lake County).

“When our property was being threatened and we needed new legislation to protect it, I reached out to Representative Pulsipher and asked to talk with her about our concerns. Representative Pulsipher made herself available, listened attentively to my concerns, offered suggestions and solutions, and then walked with me step by step as we went from beginning to end in the process.  Representative Pulsipher didn't just support me, she took the lead and showed me the way. There is nothing Representative Pulsipher had to gain by working so diligently to help me.  The fact that she did it anyway proves that she is exactly what I'm looking for in an elected official to represent me! “ Paige Norton


HJR009 - Joint Resolution Calling for an Application Ratings Board for Internet Ready Devices – This resolution calls for the establishment of an application ratings board to enforce consistent and accurate age and content ratings of applications on internet-ready devices similar to rating for movies. It calls on technology companies to ensure the implementation of user-friendly and streamlined parental controls on devices used by minors. This would provide transparency and help parents make informed decisions regarding apps for their children. 

HB0081S01 - School Counselor Services - This bill directs the State Board of Education to adopt rules regarding certain services provided by school counselors; and requires the State Board of Education to report to the Education Interim Committee on the board's efforts to address school counseling services.  

HB0237 - Personal Electronic Device Use in Public Schools - This bill requires a public school to develop a policy regarding the use of personal electronic devices on school premises; requires a public school to submit the device policy to the local education agency governing board at least every two years for review; requires each local education agency governing board to review and approve or suggest revisions to each school's device policy; requires a public school to provide the device policy to parents, students, and employees; and provides requirements related to device policy training. The State Board of Education was working on and similar changes to their policy. They put the training requirement into their policy so I dropped this bill.            BILL INCLUDED IN STATE BOARD POLICY

HB0079 Parent-Time Amendments - The code defines how parents divide the time with their child during holidays and other times when children are not in school. Current code referrers to fall break as U.E.A. weekend and defines it as beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday and ending at Sunday at 7 p.m. U.E.A. is no longer holding this annual conference and most LEAs are increasing the break to a week. This bill removes references to U.E.A. weekend and uses provisions similar to spring break for Fall-break.

HB0409 - Changes to the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind - This bill defines terms and makes technical changes for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.  

HB340 1SubRampage Violence Prevention Study– This bill requires the State Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice to conduct a study on rampage violence. 

HB305 2Sub Urban Development Amendments - This bill provides that a county of the first class (Salt Lake County) has to follow the same guidelines as all other counties. A county legislative body may not approve urban development within a municipality's expansion area unless the county notifies the municipality of the proposed development and the municipality consents in writing to the development or submits to the county a written objection to the county's approval of the proposed development and the county responds in writing to the municipality's objections.


“Working with Susan Pulsipher to help pass anti-pornography legislation this last year has been an incredible opportunity.  She is so responsive, and always calls or emails you back quickly.  She is a great advocate for children and families.  Susan is passionate about her work in the Legislature and really strives to serve and represent her constituents.”

Melissa McKay

South Jordan Resident

 House Sponsored Bills:

SB0205S01 - Internet Service Provider Filtering Compilation - This bill requires the Division of Consumer Protection to publish and update a compilation of available filtering options from Internet Service Providers. This compilation would provide easy access to the filtering information for schools, churches, and other consumers to use.   


SB0085S01 - Secure Transport Designation Amendments - I worked on this bill with South Jordan City. This bill adds a designation category for non-emergency secure behavioral health transport providers and vehicles and allows the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to license and issue permits to non-emergency secure behavioral health transports. 

SB0198S02 - Human Trafficking Prevention Training - Currently a school district or charter school shall provide, every other year, training and instruction for school personnel and parents or guardians on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness. This bill adds human trafficking prevention and awareness to this training.                      

SB64 1stSub – Special District Communication Amendments – This bill requires a mosquito abatement district to provide public notice on a website or social media platform before commencing a ULV treatment within certain areas.    


SB147 1SubSchool Internship Safety Agreements– Currently, companies who provide internships to high school students are required to have their employees undergo and pass a background check. While intended to provide a safe environment for high school students, this requirement has led some employers to stop providing internship opportunities. This bill requires that employers enter into an “internship safety agreement” in lieu of the background checks. This agreement between school and employer must: 1) Ensure that an adult officer or employee of the employer is not intentionally alone with the intern; 2) Maintain compliance with applicable state and federal laws related to safety, privacy, and welfare; and 3) Provide a safe, educational, courteous, and welcoming professional environment free of harassment or discrimination. 




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