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 I cherish conservative ideals, put a high value on the constitution and states’ rights
and promote values important to our community. What makes me uniquely Qualified?
It has always been a priority to contribute to my community. I bring 30 years of
volunteer experience serving my neighbors in the cities and states where I lived. 
I represented neighborhood groups and worked with cities councils and county
councils to improve our area. I served as the representative of the public on state
and regional committees.  I listened to friend's concerns and helped them connect
with the right people to resolve their problems. I know how to listen to my neighbors
and engage government to resolve problems.
I have received the "Make a Difference Award," the "Exemplary Civic Leadership Award" and the "Distinguished Service Award" for my contributions on local, state, and regional committees.
The path of contributions to my community included many years of volunteering in local school districts in the states where I lived. I was privileged to spend 6 years serving the public as a school board member listening to educators; studying and observing what makes education work in Jordan School District.

While serving as a JSD Board member I led an organization which employs over 5,000 employees, serves over 52,000 students and 76,000 area homes, and oversees an annual budget of just under $400 million dollars. This is larger than the budgets of the five cities in our district and of most businesses.

I worked with board members, staff, and mayors to find ways to reduce school construction costs by more than 17%.

I am fiscally conservative. I served on the district finance committee which reallocated resources within existing budgets and freed enough money to build 2 elementary schools without raising taxes. During my term as a Board Member, Jordan District reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and put more resources in the classroom.


I brought seven governmental entities together to find solutions to issues that threatened to split the district. The cities and the district have improved communication and collaborate in ways that save taxpayer dollars. The people benefit when governmental entities find ways to work together.

I spent seven years observing and evaluating quality schools in seven states (including Utah). I served as a commissioner with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

I currently serve on the Utah Opioid Task Force, the Utah Board of Juvenile Justice, Resilient Utah Advisory Board, Uplift Family Advisory Committee, and Golden Gate Movement Board of Directors. 
We need legislators who bring a woman’s perspective. We need legislators who have demonstrated fiscal restraint and implemented cost reduction. We need legislators who understand how legislation affects schools, teachers, families & children. We need legislators who know how to bring governmental entities together to achieve effective solutions. I believe my experience makes me uniquely qualified to represent the people in House District 45.

Mayor Staggs - Riverton City, Mayor Ramsey - South Jordan City, Rep. Pulsipher

What Makes Susan Different and

      Uniquely Qualified?

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