Serving in the Utah House

My family has called South Jordan home for nearly 21 years. It has been my privilege to work alongside you as I served on the Jordan School Board and in the House of Representatives.


I have listened to you in town hall meetings, met you at community events, attended city council meetings, and visited with you on your door steps. I love the wonderful people in South Jordan, Riverton, and West Jordan. I feel a sense of joy and humility to represent those who I consider to be the best people in the world. I have proven myself through my hard work bringing many needed changes to our community. These changes represent a wide variety of issues that affect District 50. 


I believe we need representatives who listen to you and find solutions, not soundbites. Below I have shared with you my priorities. I look forward to hearing from you.



Susan Pulsipher

Building a brighter future

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"Working with Susan to help pass anti-pornography legislation has been an incredible opportunity. She is so responsive, and always calls or emails you back quickly. She is a great advocate for children and families. Susan is passionate about her work in the Legislature and really strives to serve and represent her constituents." Melissa McKay, South Jordan Resident

Education During Covid-19 – What are you and your students experiencing?

One of our most important duties as state legislators is to ensure that our students have access to an education that serves each student in the best way possible. During these unprecedented times we feel it is critical to hear from you regarding your experiences with the current state of education in Utah. Click here to take the survey.

Priorities for Utah's Future
Focus on policy - not politics

"Susan is a statesman, not a politician." District 50 Delegate.

Strengthen Family Prosperity

Strengthen Family Prosperity.

  • Support budget policies that demonstrate fiscal restraint.

  • Support less government regulation to allow for economic growth particularly stifling to small business.

As a legislator:

  • Sponsored legislation to reduce barriers for individuals applying for jobs, eliminating their need for state assistance.

  • Voted for legislation to reduce property taxes.

  • Co-sponsored legislation to reduce taxes that Senior Citizens pay on their Social Security. (This has not yet passed the legislature but I have voted for it the last two years)

  • Sponsored legislation to eliminate a report that was redundant and time-consuming saving schools, districts and the state thousands of dollars.   

As a School Board member:

  • Demonstrated fiscal restraint by reducing school construction costs by over 17%.

  • Built two elementary schools without raising taxes by reprioritizing existing funds.

Support a High-Quality Education System

Support a High-Quality Education System.

  • Support policies that encourage decisions to be made in districts, schools and classrooms.

  • Empower parents and teachers.

  • Support classroom teachers with funding and teacher friendly policy

As a legislator:

  • Sponsored legislation to allow 9th and 10th grade students to earn college credit for concurrent enrollment classes. This allows students to move at their own pace and save tuition dollars.

  • Co-sponsored legislation to share best practices among schools and teachers and encourage innovation and empowering local decisions.

  • Voted for Teacher Student Success Act that sent money directly to schools  for use by principals and teachers.

Responsive to Community Concerns

Responsive to Community Concerns

  • Local decisions are the best way to tailor effective and practical solutions to unique problems.

  • Respect the governance of cities, school districts, schools and families.

As a legislator:

  • I worked with representatives of the state and local health departments, education community, juvenile justice system, and other state and federal leaders to combat the e-cigarette/vaping epidemic among our young people. My bill, together with 2 other bills, will help schools eliminate vaping in schools, teach students the harmful effects of vaping, reduce the availability of e-cigarettes to youth under 21, and decrease the number of students who begin this addictive behavior by strengthening young people and families.

  • I worked with South Jordan City on a bill to designate a category for non-emergency secure behavioral health transport providers.

  • Supported legislation that preserved local decision making.

As a School Board member:

  • Brought seven governmental entities together to find solutions to issues that threatened to split the Jordan District.


Engage with Citizens to Support and Create Better Policy

Engage with Citizens to Support and Create Better Policy.

  • Government works best when the community works together to find solutions to challenges.

  • Remove unnecessary sections of current code.

  • It is important to collaborate and compromise on issues without compromising values.

As a legislator:

  • I listened to students, parents and school counselors to develop a bill to provide more flexibility for school counselors.

  • I worked with property owners in South Jordan and City leaders to pass a bill protecting property from eminent domain for those who own century farms (a farm that has been in the same family for 100 years).

  • Worked with a resident of District 50 to create and pass a resolution calling on the industry to create an app rating system like we have for movies and video games. This will be a great tool for parents.

As a School Board member:

  • I introduced Town Hall meetings and a listening ear to Jordan School District.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life.

  • Improving transportation for the southwest part of the valley.

  • Planning for water needs for our future.

  • Improving air quality in our valley. The geography of the Salt Lake Valley requires both individuals and businesses to work together to achieve this goal.

As a legislator:

  • I worked with South Jordan City to provide funding for an innovative water treatment facility.

  • Supported legislation to provide electronic charging stations on the major freeway systems in Utah.

  • Worked with South Jordan, Riverton, West Jordan, Herriman, and Bluffdale to improve transportation systems.